So I found this little domain while searching the interwebs, this is not the same page featured in the page, the page is completely devoid of content except for something along the lines of "Everyone’s voices sounding as One Project" (a better translation would be really appreciated) and a 6 days long countdown.

Call me crazy, but the fact that the page only features the manga and RE: versions of the cyborg characters (plus the project’s name) make me think is something related to RE:

A sequel maybe ?  :3

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This 2013 i learned a few things about colors, by example, I know now that Orange is the new black and Blue is the warmest color.

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Blue is the Warmest Color /Le Bleu Est Une Couleur ChaudeWallpaper 1366x768I made it using the graphic novel’s cover…enjoy


Blue is the Warmest Color /
Le Bleu Est Une Couleur Chaude
Wallpaper 1366x768

I made it using the graphic novel’s cover…

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Damn, i need english subs for this movie :(

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I just finished watching Blue is the warmest colour and I’m so emotional what just happened? why was it so sad? OMG please somebody talk to me about ittttttt I feel like i’ve just had my heart broken

Same here :(

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Gonna upload BITWC clip. Sorry for the crappy quality. 


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Te quiero apasionadamente…y te quiero apaciblemente…

Puede que el amor eterno sea eso, esta mezcla de paz y de fuego. ¿Crees en el amor eterno?

[…] Emma… Me preguntaste si creía en la existencia del amor eterno. El amor es algo demasiado abstracto e indefinido. Depende de lo que nosotros…


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